What Is PPR Pipe?


PPR pipe is a straight and rigid cylindrical pipe, made from Polypropylene Random Copolymer plastic, produced through a continuous  extrusion process. They are commonly offered in green or white color, and in outer diameter sizes ranging from 20mm to 110mm making the pipe walls far thicker than PVC .PPR pipes is accompanied by a series of connection fittings, parts, and accessories available for every pipe diameter

The thermal conductivity of PPR is very low, meaning temperature cannot easily be conducted from the outside environment to the liquid in the pipe, and vice versa. This factor reduces heat loss or gain during the transferring of hot or cold fluids respectively, resulting in energy efficient systems and lower insulation costs for PPR piping.


  Long Service Life & Durability

PPR piping systems can remain functional for over 50 years, at a wide range of fluid and environmental operating temperatures. Moreover, PPR  exhibits excellent durability in both hot and cold water systems. Firstly, it can endure the temperature and pressure strain of hot water systems.

At the same time PPR pipe is able to structurally withstand impacts even in cold weather installations without any risk of cracking or breaking, unlike other common types of plastic piping.