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Hdpe pipe manufacture

Our team truly rely on the fact that “Will is mightier than the Challenge”. This is the tale of a team, deep routed with ability and potentiality to succeed. From a very modest. A story of grit and perseverance. Coming from a very humble background, Aerolix pipes  brings this firm in existence. With a small team of dedicated professionals we started the journey, but with our continuous efforts, we became by and large in all aspects. Being an ace in the industry, innovation, and quality is the very pillars of our success story. We have been the main decision of the customer for all the more than four decades on account of the quality items we offer. Working under the determination laid by the business and embracing moral business arrangements has drafted the path for us to achieve the apex of accomplishment. Offering the wide range with every one of the essentials required we have turned into the main decision.

Hdpe pipe manufacture 

  WE follows:

  • Customer fulfillment positions first on our rundown of needs.
  • We have confidence in chalking business strategies that are helpful for our customers also.
  • We offer the most extensive and adept answers for shifted modern difficulties.
  • We are interested in embellishment our assets as indicated by the prerequisites of our customers with the goal that we convey industry particular items.

Aerolix HDPE Pipes Specification & Size

Aerolix pipes manufacture our products using superior technological infrastructure, right from the very beginning to the end of the process. The size and specifications of polyethylene pipes typically depend on their uses. It includes determining the thickness required, the weight, and tolerance. To put it precisely, by calculating the pipe density with the calculation of its mass, along with the tolerance required, we decide on the size of the pipe to be manufactured.

           Aerolix pipe :

    Features of  HDPE Pipes

All our products are appreciated for the following characteristics:

  • Lightweight
  • Leak-free
  • Flexible
  • Strong and tough
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Long-lasting
  • Cost competitive
  • Easy to handle and transport

We Believe in Delivering Outstanding Performance, Durability, And Longevity Through Our Products.

As the finest pipe manufacturing firm in the industry, we keep on enhancing our products quality using the latest technology to suit our customer’s requirements better. Aerolix pipes also leverage local and worldwide expertise in the industry has helped provide more competent products at the best possible prices for our end customer, on a continuous basis. We take pride in offering complete HDPE Pipes solutions under one roof to our clients. We have been the leading choice of the client for more than four decades because of the quality products we offer. Working under the specification laid by the industry and adopting ethical business policies has drafted the way for us to reach the pinnacle of success.

Offering a wide range with all the essentials required we have become the leading choice. Some of the other reasons are as follows:

  • Client satisfaction ranks first on our list of priorities.
  • We believe in chalking business policies that are beneficial for our clients as well.
  • We offer the most comprehensive and apt solutions for varied industrial challenges.
  • We are open to molding our resources according to the requirements of our clients so that we deliver industry specific products.

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